CCHA - West Hills Center

North Fayette Township, PA

Services: Architecture, Interior Design.

Project Narrative: In 2005, Community College of Allegheny County purchased a thirty-four acre site in North Fayette Township, which was originally developed by Chrysler Corporation and subsequently occupied by the former Westinghouse Electric Corporation as a research and productivity center. The College desired to repurpose and renovate the facility as post-secondary technology oriented training center.

The existing buildings were converted from warehouse and office uses to working integrated technology labs, conventional classrooms, a center for professional development and individual training facilities for automotive, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and welding trades.

A curved two story high grand corridor sweeps students and visitors through the integrated technology area into the core of the building. There an atrium opening to a sixteen foot octagonal skylight provides access to all the building's amenities, including a dining area, bookstore, administrative offices and student activities areas.

Photos by Haritan Photography©